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Metal Revolution Discord Boost Challenge!

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Article Publish : 09/06/2022 11:30

🌟Metal Revolution Discord Boost Challenge🌟

Dear Revolutionaries,

Metal Revolution is about to enter a new phase, we need everyone's help to get our DC community a brand new look!

【Event Time】2022.9.5 - 2022.9.26

【Participate method】 Boost Metal Revolution's Discord server

【Event rewards】

(p.s. rewards will be sent within 2 working days after boosting)

1. Players who have participated in the boost please send screenshots of the boost and their game UID to the #boost channel to receive in-game rewards: 5 Epic Keys+ current on-sale epic skin of your choice + limited Metal Avatar Frame.

All players who have participated in the boost will receive the discord title "Metal Innovator" and will have access to the exclusive Metal Innovator channel #mr-innovators.

2. According to the boost level of Metal Revolution's Discord server, the according level rewards will be sent to all players.

- Level 3: 2 Epic Keys + 1 Vodka Cask

Thank you all for your contributions to the Metal Revolution community!