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Game Update - Version: V6.50.0

News & Announcements
Article Publish : 08/24/2022 18:19

Chaos Stones

Version: V6.50.0

Update Date: 2022-8-24

New Feature

1.Chaos Stones(Unlocked at lv.180)

>Chaos Stones provide Chaos stats

>Chaos damage is dealt with character attacks, and only affects the enemy's Chaos Shield

>When the enemy's shield reaches 0, they will take damage from Chaos Burst

>Chaos stats and Chaos Burst can both be upgraded

New Content

1. Ragnarok+Hero:Phantom Fox and its skin

2. Ragnarok Divine Arma :Nether Aura

3. Ragnarok Charm: Apocalyptical Echoes

4. Ragnarok Soul Armor: Mirror of Prophecy

5. Valorium+ Mount:Love Balloon - Awakened

6. Valorium Wings: Hidden Wings

7. Valorium Titles: Fame and Success & Imposing Appearance

8. Outfit Augment: Golden Feathers

9. Special insignia: Wine Lover

10.Added new items display for September

Game Improvements

1. Extended the max level of Main Character to lv.260

>The max level of hero, Divine Arma enhancement, Equipment enhancement, level up Gifts and other MC level related systems have been extended

>Added new Stages for Trial and Wailing Gate

2. Improved Shard Pavilion

>Added red dots when the Pavilion can be improved

>Shard Pavilion can be closed by clicking the blank part when select Pavilion

3. The shards of Mount and wings can be sold to materials in inventory

4. Optimized the rewards claim of Apex Clash League

5. Extended the max Spirit Enhancement level of MC

6. Displayed the status of quests of Angel Pass, Client pass and wish shop under the Quest Bar

7. Added Simple Battle feature to Trial, Wailing Gate,Realm and Mystic Domain

8. Removed the level limitation for wearing Equipment

9. Adjusted the interval of challenging players in mine wars

10. Adjust super login rewards

11 .Improved the point rewards of Castle Raiders

12 .Improved the rewards of Hero Trial

13. Improved the rewards of Apex Clash League

14. Improved Desktop App Pass Rewards

15. Fixed some known bugs


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