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New Format of Lucky Spin

Article Publish : 05/15/2024 21:37

Hi everyone, i’m PO PandaMoratia. In today’s article we will talk about the New format of Lucky Spin since 2.6.8 patch.

Select Reward: 

You can now select the immortal present in the wheel among a wide variety of options : 







-Yi Sun-Shin














Spins for the win : 

Once you have selected your immortal you can start to spin the wheel to earn rewards, Dragon Crystal Chest, XP Scroll, Speedup, Blue Dragon Treasury Key, Market Order, Gold, resources and of course 60 shards of the selected immortal.

Spin one time costs you 300 gems and 5 times 1500 gems with a maximum of 50 spins per day.

On the right side, you have a progress bar that will give you extra reward based on the total amount of spin you perform in the 3 days that the event lasts. Soul Crystal, Resources and Speedup are there to grab.

There is a pity system which guarantees that after 40 spins you will hit the Immortal shards.

Which means for every Wheel, you can get 180 shards guaranteed for in the worst case scenario 36k gems.

I personally don’t spin all the way, i spin everyday until i hit the Immortal shards and stop there.

Conclusion : 

While it is sad that there is no longer possibility to get Artifact empowerment chest from this wheel, I believe that overall it is a major improvement for low spender and free to play to be able to have access to a much larger Immortal pool to play around. Alongside the opportunity to get Triss Skill by exchanging KvK skill shards, the options have deeply widened and the strategy will take back its rightful place for these players.

Good job to the dev team, that definitely moves the game into the right direction.

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Press Officer [S56]PandaMoratia

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