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Castle Skin Buffs not given correctly (its a issue for more than a year now

Article Publish : 05/13/2024 23:35
Edited by hundred eyes at 05/14/2024 12:07

guys Im trying for a year now to get the attention of the ******* (behind the stars text copied from game, is the word Support, is censored, this shows the full stupidity of those idiots) , but the intensity has moved up. For example: my silent prayer skin should give me 18.5% cav attack, instead I got 12%, this is a lot and it happens randomly, usually it was when gearing up, set skin and changing the commander, now its unpredictable. just seen it in last camp report, watch your stats before you start, with rebels it could be very costly, click your castle and exclamation mark to check. Support, thats maybe the reason its censored, because their fucking support is just a figure.

camp report

origin stats of the skin, it happens on every skin

just to show you what the support is doing, always and this for more than a year now: