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Merlin; Who is this Epic Mage Immortal?

Article Publish : 04/03/2024 08:09

Hello and Welcome to Honor’s Corner,  


I hope you’re all having a Super weekend, had fun with the 5-day event, Goddess Festival by gaining Epic Immortals and artefacts. It was a fun event, where with determination and focus great rewards could be obtained especially useful for F2P, by gaining the main Epic Immortals and Artefacts: Water, Fire, Earth, Wind and Lightning. 

Today, I’d like to talk about a great Mage called Merlin, he is a core Water immortal, who shows his prowess both in PvP and PvE scenarios.  

You’ll find Merlin on the back row of a march thanks to his ability as a powerful caster, who deals massive amounts of Magical damage. 



To develop Merlin effectively, players should focus on enhancing his Magical abilities, pairing him with immortals and dragons that Complement his water element for maximum synergy. His Development can be accelerated by participating in various in-game Events and challenges that reward players with the necessary Resources. To give you some idea, doing Mysterium will provide you with the speed-ups, resources, gold and Merlin Artifacts. If you are a Spender, then doing Triss event will enhance the skills you can use in the passive skill slots. Things have changed regarding how to be able to collect Triss skills? Since the last patch 2.6.7 we now have the option to sell unwanted Ability Stones to gain Cinders, which will enhance your game play, roll on the good times and those PvP battles:)).

To gain the necessary 60 immortal shards for Merlin, you will need to spend $0.99 for an in-game pack. After this, his shards turn up in, The Market and are bought either with soul crystals or gems. It can be argued he is free to play friendly immortal. 

This accessibility makes him a friendly option for players who prefer not to invest heavily in the game. 


His Ultimate skill, “Prophecy,” is a formidable ability that inflicts a Massive 520% magical damage against all targets, making it particularly effective against front-row physical attackers4. His Ultimate Skill ‘Prophecy’ can inflict 520% magical Damage to all targets, once he is maxed, by completing the 7 stars Immortals develop bonus. Front line physical attackers had better Watch out, because Merlin will eat these for Breakfast lunch and Dinner. This skill’s high damage output makes Merlin an asset in any battle. 

 For example Fig. 1 and Fig 2 battle reports of a PvE against lvl 55 Gnomes shows the capabilities of a Water March.



Merlin and Other Elemental Marches 

While Merlin is a Water Immortal, his effectiveness in other Elemental marches, such as Fire, may be limited due to elemental Compatibility. 

Fire Marches: Fire Immortals typically focus on high single-target damage and buffs to fire units. Merlin’s area damage can complement this by dealing with groups of enemies, but there may not be direct synergy with fire-specific buffs. 

Wind Marches: Wind Immortals are known for their speed and evasion. Merlin’s area damage can be beneficial in a Wind march to quickly deal with multiple targets, but like Fire, the synergy might not be as strong as within his own element. 

Earth Marches: Earth Immortals provide strong defensive capabilities and control effects. Merlin’s damage output can benefit from the protection and control provided by Earth units, potentially making this a viable combination. 

Lightning Marches: Lightning Immortals offer a balance of damage and support abilities. Merlin could work well in a Lightning march, as his area damage can be paired with the stuns and buffs from Lightning units. 


Yes, Merlin can only be gotten through an In-App purchase, he is well worth the $0.99 investment, given that once developed he has versatility within the Water and other element marches. 

He will not cost a cent to develop, after the initial investment since his fragments can be gained through immortal fragments and gems. This is a relatively quick immortal to max and will be a crucial backbone within your Water march. 

With the recent updates to how Stella Event now works, it has become relatively easier to gain his Exclusive Artefact (EA) which will improve his Ultimate Skill and his physical damage. 

Merlin is an all-rounder, who is a powerful Water Magic Immortal, giving large mass area damage and increases against Chilled Targets. 

His abilities for PvP and PvE make him a Core Immortal within your water March.


I wish you all a good day and thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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