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Game Mechanic : Coercion

Article Publish : 04/02/2024 23:33

Hi everyone, i’m PO PandaMoratia. In today’s article we will talk about the mechanic behind the Tower of Knowledge (later ToK) skill Coercion.

Coercion is a skill available to everyone and unlockable at ToK level 39.

Concept : 

This is an aura and its effect lasts as long as the bearer is alive. It will reduce to all your opponents Immortals the ability to dodge by 20%.

Best use on ?

As most Aura, they are best to use on Support and Defense immortal. But it mostly depends on the setup of your marches. You mainly want to use this skill on marches that heavily rely on Physical Damage with both the Main and Secondary damage dealer doing Physical Damage.

Good combinaison : 

There is no obvious good pairing for this Aura, but it can be used to enable any On-Hit trigger such as the Wind Dragon, or ToK skill like Absorb, Combo, Wind Rage, Adrenaline Rush etc…

Conclusion : 

This skill is pretty much out of the current meta due to the high amount of Accuracy available in game with the Dragon Talent Tree and Inlaid gems. It is however a very good skill for game mode such as Open Arena where Accuracy isn’t that common and dodge strategy can work.

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