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How a Demeter is Born?

Article Publish : 02/11/2024 13:09


Hello and Welcome to Honors Corner

The Life and Times of an Earth Dragon 

Dragons have soared our skies for millennia using their destructive skills to great effect, but time was running out for dragons for the Goddesses had hunted them to near distinction. To ensure their survival they buried their precious eggs deep within the earth's crust. Only intrepid adventures would be worthy of these eggs and only a lucky few would get to domesticate their dragon to harness their powers to the will of the lord or lady who found one. The Mysteries of Alchemy surrounding these dragon eggs is a closely guarded secret and only to be found once proven worthy.

It is quite a rare sight even in these times when brave Infinity Kingdom Lords have been successful in breeding dragons, to see dragons flying through the skies of Norheim, or melting the ice caps of the land that time forgot Frostborne. These dragons are clever intelligent and resourceful mythical beasties who realised they'd need to separate their great powers into 7 types of dragon to be sure that they'd not become extinct. They couldn't foresee a lord being able to manage to domesticate a dragon that had such great fantastical powers, that it would put Norneim in jeopardy.

It was decreed that 7 new genera of dragons would be born to a lord when they were lucky enough to complete the journal that they must find before setting out on their adventures across Norneim, complete all the tasks and then open the dragon cave to hatch their newly found dragon.

But wait these dragons aren't going to make it easy on these Lords, they must work out how or what this journal is before they even begin to think of exploring Norheim.

A noble Lord has recently acquired the Story Missions journal and embarked on a journey across Norheim's breathtaking landscapes - from the winding river to serene lakes, and towering mountains - all in pursuit of a single dragon. This dragon, known as the Detmer dragon, has captured the Lord's imagination, and they are determined to make it their own.

However, be warned - the Detmer dragon may not be the most attractive of the seven dragons in Norheim. It is best to avoid speaking ill of its appearance in the dragon's presence, or risk facing dire consequences. The Detmer dragon has a fearsome reputation for unleashing its wrath on those who dare to provoke it, burying them under piles of boulders or hurling them into crevices with its powerful strength.

After the guild of dragons decided to separate their powers into 7 genres of dragons, it struck them that they needed to simplify their awesome and terrifying powers. Let's not complicate things said 1 high-ranking noble dragon, it'd be simpler if all 7 types shared two skill sets and the third would be unique to that particular dragon.

The Demeter has a fearsome temper as has been stated with many a testimonial from IK Lords shouting and screaming at the damage Demeter accomplishes.

If you're starting as a player in Infinity Kingdom, consider building a Demeter. This unit has a strong track record of success on the battlefield and can be a valuable asset to your army. Its speciality lies in taking down opponents and leaving them with little option but to retreat. 

They even eat gnomes for breakfast lunch and dinner, which they can control. The 3rd skill is aptly named Earthsake. 

The advantages are it allows your immortal's ultimate skills to be brought into play, for some skills need to be triggered or only work over a certain time frame. Imagine all those pesky gnomes or fleeing troops all controlled so you're able to unleash your immortal Ultimate skill or skills from Tok.

As a little experiment, I used an Earth march with level immortals and level Demeter and ran gnomes in increments of 1 until I reached level 10. It was to demonstrate the synergies between immortals' ultimate skills (no Tok skills used) and the Demeter skills.

The below report is for a level 10 Trynt Gnome.

The below indicates early Game level-up and this was after running 10 level 10 Trynt Gnomes.

The beauty of earth immortals they have longevity in the game from start to finish you’ll find these immortals are versatile. A typical build end game in IK would be hybrid:-





Note of caution for this March to aid your conquests in Norheim and beyond you will need to get the Exclusive Artifacts for Alex Hannibal in particular.

Another option for Earth as you are charting your course throughout the game is:-





This is becoming a popular build and you can't argue with Himiko mage credentials, only 

Loki would rival her in a Mage competition. However, I'm rather partial to Himiko and this is a build I am working towards.

In summation, Demeter Dragon may not win beauty contests but will surely be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Its 2 dragon breath skills alone are phenomenal with the ability to stun via an earthquake and reduce damage taken by 3 random troops. Not forgetting Earthshake is a stackable skill that has 3 components to aid your troops when 10% power is lost up to 5x. 

If you have not decided on a dragon to train then maybe you’ll be taking Demeter back to your castle.

Thank you and I wish you all a good day Honor :))

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