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Article Publish : 02/06/2024 02:58

With every new update that they keep adding more crap to, the worse the game gets. Let me school you developers in on a little piece of basic game info that everybody else but you seems to know. You can't keep overloading a game with more and more crap without the game telling you enough is enough. Do you all not realize that most of us do not own super computers? So all these new updates are going to make the game really glitchy and laggy for a lot of us playing on normal machines. This has been happening for well over a year now and you all still don't seem to get it. If you want to keep adding more content, you have to trim the fat in the game somewhere else. You can't just keep adding and adding and not expect the game to spew. So yeah, all these updates are cool and all. But why don't you try doing the opposite a couple of times and remove some old outdated content and see how that works out? Just a suggestion.