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[Feedback Wanted]Tell Us How You Feel about Update on October 27th

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Article Publish : 10/31/2023 01:52
Edited by gtmasterofcoin at 10/31/2023 01:54

This is the 77th poll about updates and we are looking forward to reading your feedback to the Old Gods. Check HERE to learn the details of the update on October 27th.

In this update, we added two new difficulties to Alliance Lost Realm. One of them has a lower difficulty than the Normal, and another one has a harder difficulty than the Epic. And, the difficulty of the overall levels of Alliance Lost Realm has been reduced. How do you like the new levels of difficulty in Alliance Lost Realm?

A preview Event of Arena of Honor is added to cross-server page in-game. Royal lords can learn the introduction and the rules about the cross-kingdom event Arena of Honor, and you also can claim responding rewards after completing quests.

A new season of All Out War is upon us. The length of All-out War shall now span three weeks, a reduction designed to lessen the burden of warfare and keep your spirits high. Plus, we have added a Peace Phase which gives a respite from declarations of war upon Cities and Stages. Prepare yourself for a revitalized All-out War, where fatigue is lessened and enjoyment is paramount! Onward to the forthcoming season!

Tell us how you feel about the latest update. Please be sure to VOTE based on your feelings and opinions about the update in order to help make improvements. And, post your feedback in a new reply to get a chance to win awesome rewards and, more importantly, to help make the game better for you and all players!

Event Duration: 00:00, 30/10/2023 – 23:59, 6/11/2023 UTC

Event Rewards:

100 lucky players will be randomly selected to receive Speed Up 3 Hours*5, Honor Banners *10, Truce 24 Hours*1, [Rare] Badge Chest*1, Diamond*3,000

Event Rules:

1. Post your feedback in a NEW REPLY.

2. Your reply should include your ID and kingdom number (e.g. ID:1234567890123456789, K20). [You can check out your ID in More>Customer Support.)


1. Please leave the correct ID and kingdom number so that rewards can be well received. Limited to one entry per player.

2. The winner list will be published and rewards will be sent to you in-game mail within 3-5 working days once the event ends.