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Tutankhamun is here!

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Article Publish : 05/12/2023 10:42

The shadow damage dealer Tutankhamun is here! This new Immortal will be available in Theia's Roulette (for players who have reached the third season) Historically, Tutankhamun ascended the throne at only nine years old and became the pharoah of ancient Egypt in the 18th century after his father's death.

🌟【Skill name】: Wraith of Horus

🌟【Skill description】: Unleash 5 waves of energy to random enemies dealing physical damage. If a target has already been damaged, the next energy wave will deal double the damage.

With Tutankhamun, the damage that shadow elemental teams deal will become even scarier. Do you want this mysterious King Nebheperure in your team?👑

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