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[Review] The Analysis Feature: Castle Prosperity! — Feature, Tips, and Tricks in the Infinity Kingdom!

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Article Publish : 03/18/2023 20:42

Welcome to the Infinity Kingdom's Forum!

A.) Introduction

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I'm so glad to have you back in my article, Press Officer Tea, this time we will talk about the Latest and Hottest topic currently in the Infinity Kingdom namely Castle Prosperity. What can we acknowledge from this article? So, what is the purpose of this spotlight? and How does this feature perform?. This article is expected to provide an overview and getting closer with the Castle Prosperity in the Infinity Kingdom to let you know how this event works, especially for the beginners. It may serve as a point of reference for you as you do battle PvP or PvE.

Let's see together in more detail regarding how this event works!

B.) Castle

Firstly, we need to know the basic things. Do you know what Castle is? How much are you familiar with Castle? In general, the Castle is a place where you carry out activities on the map of Infinity Kingdom or commonly known as Norheim. On this map you manage all kinds of activities from training troops, collecting food, stone, iron, and wood, and doing dragon and skill training in the Tower of Knowledge. However, the main topic of discussion this time is Castle Prosperity, which means that the prosperity of your castle can be defined as a measure of how much Resources you can store and collect in your Castle. 

Let's go deeper and learn together about Prosperity! Therefore, what is Prosperity in this article? let's take a closer look at this feature!

✨ 1.) Castle Prosperity

This discussion will begin, with a definition of Prosperity. First and foremost, Prosperity is a number or value that is used to determine the number of Health Point levels of your castle, and can determine how much Resources can be stored by the castle in Infinity Kingdom!

Let's take a closer look!

🏅 2.) Analysis Prosperity Measurement

Secondly, let's take a look at the prosperity recover on the image above, Everyone has a Prosperity recovery rate that varies for each level. For example, this is a level 50 Castle that hasn't researched Technology related to Prosperity having an average recovery rate of 4,500 per hour. Many people wonder, why does Castle need Prosperity? and Why does it need recovery time? Actually the function of this feature is to protect your castle, the less Prosperity you have, the faster people will give you attacks and the less losses you will get. Prosperity does take time, but you can recover directly using Gems. Some questions may arise, How long do I need for the Castle to heal completely? With an analysis of the assumption that you have 50,000 Prosperity, you will recover completely within 50,000 / 4,500 or the equivalent of 11.11 hours or you could say 11 hours and 11/60 minutes can be written as 11 hours and 18 minutes Prosperity will be recovered.

📑 3.) The Advantages

Do you know who does need Prosperity? Essentially, Prosperity is useful for carrying out battles such as PvP against other Lords or PvE against the Malena gnome invasion. People who are active in PvP and have very high power require very high Prosperity in order to feel the Honor bestowed by other Lords, whereas people with low power should have low Prosperity in order to minimize losses.

📚C.) Conclusion 💠

In this article we can conclude the analysis that Prosperity is an absolute number for the benchmark of a Castle. Some require a high level of Prosperity to have fun attacking other Lords, on the other hand some players will actually have more advantages if they have a low Prosperity to reduce the losses that will be received. Now, by publishing this article, it is hoped that you will be able to understand much more about Prosperity in the Infinity Kingdom ! Have fun playing and good luck!

✨ Thank you for reading; maybe it was helpful and will assist you to learn more about the Analysis of Castle Prosperity! ✨

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📚 E.) Additional Informations 💠

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