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About floor 183 on Nether Ilusions...

Article Publish : 03/09/2023 23:17

Hey, Ali. What´s up? Could anyone there revise 183 th floor power on nether illusions? I guess it is very OP.

See... i play this game since beginning, i´m at 246 lvl main character. When I set up the 6 weapons on nether illusions boxes, the total is: 10,5 millions (aprox). The enemy has like 20 billions!!!

I´d played for months in this level but the total weapon progress up so slow, in a rate of thousands. I tryed many weapons combinations and saw all possibilities with weapons boosts at porcentage bar above the weapons. Nothing! I guess is impossible to win. Maybe if my total power was like 1 trillion or more. But my total power is near 90 billion.

Without any advance here, is very, very hard to get red frags to keep upgrading the weapons.