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Alliance Mobilization Suggestion

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Article Publish : 02/25/2023 00:49

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I'm hearing and reading a lot of complaints about the Alliance Mobilization. I've only been playing for a little over two months and I love quests, especially when they benefit my Alliance! My biggest complaint is that we only get 6 chances!

Most Alliances are pretty small and of that, only a few are high enough in level to do the quests. It takes the few high-level people 6 tries just to make it through ONE STAGE. Right now our Guild Ranking is 2 but we've only reached the 2nd stage and most of us have done all 6 quests and there's still 3 days left! (Personally, I cannot afford to spend 1,000 diamonds to purchase more attempts and I'm sure other members can't either.)

My suggestion: RESET the amount of challenges with each stage. (i.e. Stage 1: 6/6 challenges, Stage 2: 6/6, Stage 3: 6/6, etc.) It certainly would make things a lot more fun!

Happy Hunting!