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Infinity Kingdom: Resource Deposits on the World map

Article Publish : 09/03/2020 11:42 Last edited : 09/03/2020 11:42

It has been a while since Infinity Kingdom’s open beta test started. I believe that we all had our moment when we cannot get enough resources. Upon reaching Castle level 10-15, we start to run low on everything. Castle upgrade, technology researches, and our game progress are all put on hold due to the short of resources. To avoid this situation, we must start to save resources from the very beginning of the game.

On the map of the Infinity Kingdom world, you can find 5 ring areas painted with 5 different colors. Each area has a different resource deposit level. Higher the area level, higher the deposit level will be, and higher the resource gathering speed will be.

Resource Deposits

There are 4 types of resource deposits on the map: Food, Wood, Stone and Iron. Gathering a deposit will grant players the corresponding resource. It takes some time to finish gathering all resources stored in a deposit, but players can always recall their troops during the gathering process. Players can also choose to raid a deposit occupied by another player, they can defeat the occupier to immediately get the resources they have collected. Gathering resources from high-level deposits can be a great way to quickly get some extra resources, but you must reach the required Lord level first before sending troops to attack or gather a high-level deposit.

Players can find Cropland, Logging Camp, Stone Deposit, and Iron Deposit on the map. The speed for gathering a level 1 deposit is 10K/h. High-level deposits have more resources and can be gathered faster.

Eventually, players will all move close to the center of the World Map to occupy more cities and gather from high-level Resource Deposits. Occupying cities will also grant players a gathering speed bonus and territorial tax to help them get even more resources over time.

The Coin Mint can turn the resources that players gathered to Gold, and is a key method to get Gold quickly. Gold can be used to upgrade your Lord, your dragons, and Immortal’s equipment. So make sure to gather as many resources as possible and start to turn them to the precious Gold.