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Server Merge Announcement!

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Article Publish : 11/14/2022 17:08
Edited by cocolee at 11/14/2022 17:09

Dear Warriors, for a better game experience, we have arranged the Server Merge on November 14th (SEA/US/EU). Checking the details to help you arrange your game time. The Server Merge time might be ahead or behind the proposed schedule, please take the in-game scroll announcement as a standard. During the server merge, some servers will be affected. After the Server Merge on November. 14th, the server time of 204-205 will move forward.

Please note, if you are in Server 204-205 and wish to participate in Costume Party (SOT: Day 137,136), please go online between Nov. 14th, 00:00-14:00 (SEA). The server merge begins at 14:00. Nov. 14th. After the merge, the server event will be the Rose Festival (SOT: Day 141) instead. The compensation for the event changed and merge will be sent after the merge. Thanks for your understanding and support.

***SOT: Server Opening Time