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Article Publish : 11/08/2022 11:17

Without even realizing, you Revolutionaries have already been in the MR world for a year. Thank you for all your company and support!

In the past year, you’ve completed so many challenges with different types of mecha, so we believe you’re already super knowledgeable on all things mecha! So we’ve planned a special Quiz Event for the anniversary. From Nov 8-10, we’ll post five questions each day for you to answer, and the best thing is, you’ll get gift codes for answering! Revolutionaries, are you ready to show off your knowledge of the MR world?

How to Participate:

1. Make a post with the answer and tag our page @Metal Revolution

2. Leave a comment under the question post or within the community


1. Each daily post will include a gift code! The content of the gift includes”

Day 1: Epic Dimension Key x2

Day 2: Orchid Trial Card (1 day) + Glittering Dance Trial Card (1 day)

Day 3: Hypercar x1

2. Additionally, if the number of participants reaches 1,026 before 18:00 (GMT-3) on Nov 11, a new gift code will be unlocked! (It includes Legendary Dimension Key x5)