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Like the excellent gameplay videos & win gifts!!

General Discussion
Article Publish : 09/10/2021 14:17

Like the excellent gameplay videos made by our players, and win gifts worth 500 bound soul crystals!!

【Event Rules】

1. ‘Like’ your favorite gameplay video made by our heroes listed below and make a screenshot.

2. Share your screenshot, together with your character ID and server name in the comment section.

3. Special gifts worth 500 bound soul crystals will go to the Top 5 comments with the most likes.

4. Another 50 comments will be randomly selected for gifts worth 200 bound soul crystals.

【Video collection】

【Event time】

US Server: From now to 23:59 on 15th September 2021 (GMT-5);

EU Server: From now to 05:59 on 16th September 2021 (GMT+1);

SEA Server: From now to 12:59 on 16th September 2021 (GMT+8).

Note: Rewards will be sent within one week after the event ends. Only entries with the correct Character ID, and Server Name will get the reward(s). The Team of Forsaken World: Gods and Demons will reserve the right to the final interpretation of this event.