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Quiz Time! Leave your answers to get 2888 ingots!

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Article Publish : 07/25/2022 14:52

🤩Quiz Time! Leave your answers to get 2888 ingots!

We will hold the quiz-time community event every Saturday! More comments, more winners will be selected! Let's have a look!

【Time】July 23 to July 24


When the number of comment reaches 200, 20 players will be selected to award 1288 ingots.

When the number reaches 300, 30 players with 1888 ingots.

When reaching 500, 50 players will be awarded 2888 ingots.


1. In the Battle of Guandu, who left Yuan Shao and went to Cao Cao, causing Cao Cao’s victory?

A. Xun You, B. Xu You, C. Cao Hong, D. Jia Xu

2. Which of the following skills does not belong to SSR+ Sima Yi/Cao Cao/Zhou Yu?

A. Astute, B. Unscrupulous Hero, C. Iron Chain Arc, D. Sea of Fire

3. Which general won a battle against an enemy army of 100K with only 800 troops?

A. Zhang He, B. Zhang Fei, C. Zhang Liao, D. Zhang Xiu

Leave your options in the comment with the reasons and the game information (server and player ID). We will select players on next Monday - July 25! The list will be announced in the comment of this post! Let's stay tuned!

💡【Tips】Right answers with the explanation will be selected easily~

Don't forget to play game: