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[Official] Eastern Odyssey Community Rules

Article Publish : 07/12/2022 16:49
Edited by jumpscared at 07/12/2022 17:57

Dear Seekers,

Welcome to Eastern Odyssey's official forum!

Entry into this community is deemed to signify your acceptance of the following rules:

① Find the right place to post.

Please do not post anything irrelevant to the game or corresponding section, tag, label or topic. Otherwise, your post will be modified, and you will receive a warning. Repeat offenders' accounts will be blocked.

② Respect the community.

Offensive actions that affect forum use for others, including but not limited to: advertisement, clickbait, public attacks, straying from the thread post. Violating posts will be deleted.

③ No account transaction.

Please note that this community prohibits any content related to the transaction of accounts, such as buying and selling accounts, giving away accounts, requesting usage of an account, account sharing, paid third-party services, appraisal of accounts, threatening to harm an account (e.g.: deleting all content from the account), and other spam information. Violators will be blocked and their relevant posts will be deleted.

If the post involves in-game interactive content (e.g. prop exchange, teaming, adding friends, etc.), it does not belong to account transaction and is thus acceptable, but please beware of frauds or personal information leaks as well.

④ No shade on others.

Plagiarism, impersonating others while posting content, and other harmful behavior are strictly forbidden. Reported posts will be reviewed, and comments found violating these rules will be permanently deleted.

⑤ No sensitive topics or content.

The following content is strictly prohibited: pornography, gambling, drug abuse, politics, all forms of extreme/hate speech, any form of personal attacks and/or content that ridicules others, nudity, and disturbing images/emoticons/stickers.

Be mindful of your picture choices too. Please avoid misleading or upsetting other users. Posts with the above content will be unconditionally deleted and the authors of those posts will be blocked.

⑥ Respect copyrights.

When posting previously published or copyrighted works, please obtain the consent of the author and credit the source. Otherwise, the post in question will be regarded as infringement. Infringing content will be deleted unconditionally, and the infringing user will be warned and blocked.

⑦ Use decent nicknames.

It is prohibited to use nicknames that make fun of or impersonate our official accounts. Indecent nicknames are also prohibited. Users who violate these rules will find their nicknames reset or accounts blocked.

The rules may be updated/amended based on future developments and feedback from the community. Eastern Odyssey project team maintains the final right to interpret or decide on all rules above.

Thank you,

[Eastern Odyssey] Project Team