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Saga & Kanon's birthday themed artworks!

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Article Publish : 05/30/2022 15:46

💐May 30th is Saga & Kanon's birthday!! Happy birthday to Saga & Kanon and those players who are Gemini!!💐

❤Many thanks to the artists from Instagram who designed such excellent artworks for our Gemini saints





(according to order of the artworks)

🎁Saga and Kanon's birthday gift【Saga Shard*5+ Kanon Shard*5 Advanced Gem*1+Skin Voucher Chest*5+Advanced Flower Box*20】will be sent to your in-game mail within 3 working days:)

⭐️If use one word to describe the image of Gemini in your mind, what it would be? Leave your answer in the comment area:)


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