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Gratitude gear disappear upon inheriting

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Article Publish : 11/26/2021 21:05

Server - UD40



Today charged 10k diaz for gratitude gear. Bought 4 of them. 3 inheritance went smooth but 4th one disappear like never had it. See pic!

Last picture took later on when bought another set of boots, you can see 5k diamonds were spent. Please, forward to the devs! I know server's been buggy lately but I want a pair of gratitude boots to be sent to me and a compensation for upgrading that gear to lvl 100 and enchanting it to lvl 15. That's around 200k enchanted ore and don't know how much gold. Interesting thing is that when the boots has disappeared the gems were untouched, found them in socket for all. In the second picture you could see that.