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Welcome to the Gtarcade community!

Article Publish : 11/23/2021 15:05
Edited by cocolee at 11/23/2021 18:32

Welcome to the Gtarcade community!❤️

This is the place for players to talk to each other! 😄There are also great free game gift packs and community events waiting for you!🎁

We're currently working on preparing the Points Shop for บันทึกลับสามก๊ก!😏

🏷️What game packs do you want to exchange in the points shop?

Tell us your ideas, and we will randomly select 20 users with good suggestions in the comment section to receive 200 bonus points!😍

Download the Gtarcade APP to redeem the free gift packs.🎁

🔗Here is the official download link:

Download Gtarcade Desktop APP to get a better game experience on your computer!😊

🔗Here is the official download link: