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Dragons and Portals - A Time When Change is Good and Exciting

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Article Publish : 05/15/2024 20:20
Edited by magic mage at 05/15/2024 20:23

Hello Infinity Kingdom, Magic Mage from server 243. The grind for portals is real; often times leaving a lord with the decision to forgo rewards and participating in games to construct cities for alliance coins, farm for donations in the Frostborne wars, and holding power to limit the required portals to migrate to a new server. While some are lucky and find their perfect home within the first server they join, many find themselves needing to migrate to new servers for new further opportunities and to join larger communities. 

If in the early game, a member remains unaware of the precarious balance of portals to overall power, required to migrate in the early game, a Lord can set themselves up for a difficult journey for months potentially years to come. This path is even more challenging for free to play and stronger lords as the seasons have shortened over recent updates. Please know, this article is not another how to guide regarding ways to obtain portals: or even how to migrate:. You can view some of my prior videos created and linked here to understand this element of the game. 

This article will however, advise our community that our developers have heard our concerns. Therefore, we will look specifically within our ever-evolving game, the optimizations outlined within patch notes 2.6.8 in relation to reward adjustments for the golden path. While this patch update occurred April 2024, it happened just after my server started their monthly golden path journey. I have eagerly awaited the chance to review the newly released content as I awaited for my prior reward path to come to a close. Without any further ado, lets to delve into this newly released content together where we can observe the fantastic benefits of these enhanced rewards. 

Patch Notes 2.6.8 Optimizations:

In a time where inflation is real and the cost of items goes up, the golden path is like a Wonka Bar’s golden ticket to great rewards and treasures beyond our wildest dreams. Our Merit Shop originally provided limited purchase options and would take months of grinding to obtain grand rewards. That time could be close to a year for free to play members. The shop existed as one avenue lords could obtain portals for free above and beyond farming alliance coins and donating to Frostborne cities. However, they came at a steep price. To obtain a portal, a free to play member was looking at grinding and completing almost all daily tasks for two months to reach level 50 so they could unlock only one portal. To obtain a castle skin with added boosts, these free to play members were looking at 15 months without missing more than 2 daily tasks each day.

The new golden path shop makes obtaining portals and castle skins easier for free to play, low spenders, and mid spenders. But like those 1990’s infomercials…. You do not get just better rewards within our golden path shop. The optimizations released as part of the update to the golden path is; like putting on those ruby slippers and traversing a golden road with friends that bring riches and rewards along the way.


The greatest improvement to rewards beyond the increased merit coins resides with additional boosts and speedups available should you purchase the additional medallion courses. While we saw some of these boosts, and treasures at milestone markers they were not as plentiful and not at every step along the journey. This has now changed and I believe Lords will be happy with the changes.


In the lower level servers, we also see enhancements to the immortals one can unlock through the golden path. Those looking for Baldwin, Khan, and Charles who did not unlock them in earlier paths may be disappointed to learn they are no longer available through our golden path. 

Do not worry or fret. While these extraordinary immortals are not obtainable through the newly revamped golden path, you might still be able to unlock them with the mystery fragments we collect from our new Ship if you are unable to unlock them for free using the 60 fragments a lord obtains for once reaching level 50. Above and beyond the mystery immortal, a Lord has a chance within the earlier seasons to obtain 60 fragments of Cyrus, Dido, Attila, Hammurabi, or Archer should you elect to purchase and unlock the medallion path. This path will also grant a Lord an additional 60 fragments for a mystery immortal. Therefore in unlocking the medallion path a lord will obtain 3 epic immortals. This is a significant change to our prior journey which only unlocked one epic predetermined immortal. 

The 60 fragments you see above on the free to play path is above and beyond the epic immortal selection treasure box:

Many of you reading this article, have probably already discovered these changes or already started your golden path journey with these optimizations…. The comments regarding the new golden path have been overwhelmingly positive filled with excitement and wounder a young child exhibits Christmas morning or when receiving that special gift on their birthday. If you are just returning to the game this is the perfect time to do so as so many new and exciting things have recently been released and I foresee many in the near future. So why do I bring this article to you today….

When the new golden path released many reached out to me with a reoccurring question: How long before I can obtain one of these new dragon skins, do my merit coins carry over month to month, and how many portals can I get now. I therefore, seek to answer the question proposed by many within personal chats and from our discord community, in hopes to cast a light on to help guide you through the journey of this newly enhanced chronicle.

As my prior season has come to a close, and I am able to delve into the new update to address these questions. I first want to point out the red merit coins earned can be saved and WILL carry over month to month. You do not lose them. Think of putting these merit coin rewards in a “bank” where each month you can continue to build upon the merit coins within your account or opt to withdraw them for a need or desire of your choosing. This resides as an important aspect to the game and Lords should remain aware of this option because as we start to break down the period of time needed to acquire items within our shop and the cost to a lord you will realize some prizes will require more than a single monthly golden path to unlock.

I am going to break costs down into four categories when looking at the decorations and portals: (High Spender: Quickest path, Medium Spender: affordable spending path balancing cost with time, Low Spender: cost-effective spending path, and free path: longest time duration and significant grinding required). For comparative purposes we will look at rewards from our shop before the optimizations to after the optimizations.

Within the portal example, I will deliver the values based on two months. The reasons for this duration of time is directly related to our historical golden path where a free to play lord was required to complete two golden path chronicles to level 50 to purchase one portal.

When looking at the cost of portals within our game special bundles shop, a lord can purchase a portal and receive some additional resources for $5.00. We will use this $5.00 baseline for evaluating the cost of portals within the golden path.


Before looking at the value of the portals: ****I wish to make note of the following: portals have a maximum purchase limit of 10 portals per a month. Therefore, if your desire to purchase portals through the golden path and need more than 10, you will need to plan accordingly.***

This optimization gives lords an extra 3 portals for free every two months via the golden path.

Low Spender (two $5.00 packages equaling a total of $10 over two months) :

The golden path optimization for the affordable path, gives lords an extra 9 portals every two months via the golden path.

Medium Spender (One $5.00 package and one $20.00 package equaling a total of $25 over two months) :

This optimization gives lords an extra 12 portals over the course of two months via the golden path.

High Spender (two $20.00 packages equaling a total of $40 over two months):

This optimization gives lords an extra 15 portals over the course of two months via the golden path.

The first thing lords will discover when looking at our enhanced shop, is they no longer need to obtain level 50 to purchase a portal or a castle skin decoration. This is significant particularly for those looking to jump in the middle of their golden path and looking to purchase a portal or more.

Castle Decorations

Castle decorations were also improved via this optimization. Instead of the traditional seasonal game decorations, a lord now has the opportunity to obtain dragon skin decorations. This is above and beyond the affiliated avatar frame, chatter box, and name plate now also offered to a lord within the shop. 

Before purchasing the corresponding avatar frame, chatter box, and/or name plate, I would recommend obtaining the castle skin series first and any additional portals you might need based on your overall power. Castle skins will provide a lord with boosts that will allow them to grow and develop within the game where avatar frames, chatter boxes, and/or name plates while beautiful and fantastical do not add any value to your overall march.

Other changes within the shop also include decreased costs of AP bottles, stardust, and crimson moonlight. Furthermore, the shop now provides a way to obtain SP bottles which is critical when trying to boost your immortals. 



When making a big purchase you first want to look at the benefits of each skin and what it will provide you for the present, the near future, and end of game. Each skin has advantages. However, some may provide greater value over time, where you are within the game, and based upon what skins you currently have within your collection. When choosing a skin you will want to identify what boosts will aid you in the overall growth within the game. Please weigh your options carefully, especially if you are a free to play member because each skin will require an extensive amount of grinding and time. What is good now may not be so fantastic one year in the future.

Now let me stop my jibber jabbering and bring you the information I know you all desperately wish to see. How much will this skin cost me and how much time is needed. 

An Overall Cost Analysis

While patience is a virtue, instantaneous gratification can be satisfying too. I also know that while being practical, sometimes the in practical just makes us happy. Therefore, should you choose to indulge on the frivolous and wish to obtain the castle skin with the corresponding name plate, chatter box, and avatar frame I have prepared a special chart for you as well.

Merit Coins Needed for Full Series:

Cost to Obtain Full Series:

I want to thank my infinity kingdom family for joining me on this journey. I hope I was able to address some of the questions many of you reached out to inquire about and some questions you may not have thought about asking. I encourage you all to continue to ask your questions because if you are asking them, I can guarantee another has a similar question and we learn and develop together as a community through the discovery of the answers. Until next time have a fantastic day and stay safe. I cannot wait to meet more of you in illusion battlefield and within our frost born ward dawning these beautiful castle skins. 

Magic Mage

Official Press Officer for Infinity Kingdom

Server #243

Infinity Kingdom / 無盡城戰

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