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Unable to equip banner on new hero /where are Wonderful Blank gems

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Article Publish : 02/22/2024 05:06

GN -- Shanra

server -- ub106

platform -- fb


One issue, one question :)

I changed heros in my party and unequiped banner the day before yesterday. I know there is a cool down period before you can reequip the old banner on the new hero but thought it was 24 hours. Still unable to equip the banner on my Violet Sniper. I have 44 pages of inventory of banners -- is that holding me up? or is the cool down period longer? Please let me know what I have to do -- I've lost the bonus for activiated banners on all party members.

My question is where can we find the Wonderful Blank gems that allow synthing of L6+ equipment in forge. Have they not been released yet? I can't find them in the stores or in the events.