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[Review] Analysis of Region 133 in Legion of Frostborne in Infinity Kingdom

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Article Publish : 12/10/2023 15:58


What’s up, folks? Infinity Kingdom’s most important event, Legion of Frostborne(LoF), is almost underway. The event pits eight servers against each other and tests their strength, diplomacy, and strategy. The event lasts a total of 45 days with about some time in between seasons. Winning servers and alliances are granted exclusive castle skins, Cold Silvers that players can use to trade in for ability stones, and access to open Ancient Remnant chests that contain ability stones, immortal shards, speedups, and resources. In this article, we will take a look at Region 133 and its progress just a few days into the event.

💠Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • The Map
  • Progress Thus Far
  • Thoughts
  • Summary

💠The Map

Server 73 is the largest server in this bracket in terms of power and level of activity. All other servers were allied, but with Server 23 and Server 116 lacking any players, it was essentially five servers against one. Server 73 recently absorbed Server 49’s The Fearless(TF) into their red faction, The Pride(PRD) and Server 57’s red faction into their green faction, Snugglebunnies(BUNS). They have a few players with Chaos immortals and the only other server with any Chaos immortal was Server 143’s HB Ryo and thus, the only player and server who had any chance of making an upset.

💠Progress Thus Far

Two days into LoF, Server 73 has captured most of the gates and has access into every starting zone. When the gates opened, Server 73 sent their green faction to the northern gates and red faction to the southern gates. Server 143 and their allies prioritized linking up and getting access to each other’s starting zone. However, Server 13 did not have any towers at the 73’s southern gates and Server 115 did not attempt a siege at any of the northern gates which meant 73 was entirely safe from any attacks into their starting zone. It’s rather quite unfortunate that Server 13 did not have the manpower to make a push because getting access to the 73 starting zone could delay further attacks.

Server 57 dropped towers at their western gates as soon as they were able to and took Ruxx Gate. Server 73 focused on dismantling the towers at each of the western gates and the opposition held out for a couple of hours at Ruxx Gate trying to protect their tower. However, as soon as 73 took one of the other two gates into 57’s starting zone, the 143 coalition fell back into the 143 zone. Eventually 73 gained access to 143’s zone as well and then the coalition moved further back into 116’s empty zone. BUNS was able to gain access into 116’s zone from the north side and saw little resistance from Server 115 and Server 145. As of now, 73 controls 28 cities and at least one gate into each zone while all other server except 23 has at least one city left to donate to.


A couple of things I noticed about this season of LoF is that farm alliances are so much more important with the nerf to the Wonderbuilder tactic that allows alliances to drop a built tower. It went from two available charges to one and the refresh time went from 12 hours to 24 hours which meant alliances need to have farm alliances with Wonderbuilder ready or build the towers slowly themselves. In the future, every server should use farm alliances to build towers in their starting zones before the gates fall and save their main alliance towers for the other zones if they can help it so the time required to build new towers in other zones is short.

Farm alliances can also help with preserving the main alliance’s towers. As far as 73 has pushed, they were struggling to keep up with towers, especially on the south side even with multiple farm alliances. Servers should not let dismantling towers fall before they are able to place their own tower nearby by chaining enemy towers, otherwise it will take a significant number of towers to chain from your nearby towers or have a fresh alliance.


In the end, it was difficult for HB Ryo to carry everything on his shoulders and Server 73 will eventually end the event with a win. 73 should be able to take the whole center and Zone 2 and divide the remaining cities among the other servers.


Version 2.6.4

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