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[Review] Analysis of AoW vs GLA in IBL in Infinity Kingdom

Article Publish : 12/09/2023 18:17


What’s up, folks? It’s the fourth week of the Illusion Battlefield League(IBL) season and in this series, I will take a closer look at different matches per week. The event is one of the most entertaining events in Infinity Kingdom that players enjoy spectating, almost like a sporting event. IBL differs from regular IB in that players build their teams from a set list of immortals and skills. All players will also get 50 Violet of the Void per week that they can use to level up skills of their choosing. In this article, I’m going to take a closer look at the match between Server 38’s Art of War(AoW) and Server 57’s GLADIATORS(GLA). AoW’s positions in this match will be denoted in yellow while GLA’s will be in red.

💠Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Starting Positions and Talents
  • AoW
  • GLA
  • Tower 1
  • Tower 4
  • Central Tower
  • Altars
  • Home Towers
  • Turning Point
  • Summary


AoW was ranked sixth in Season 3, losing to the eventual champions, GLA, formerly known as NGU. Unfortunately for GLA, they are a shell of their former self. Most of their core migrated to other servers in search of greener pastures while few of the players who were part of the winner roster last season are left. They still managed to start with nearly 40 players which is impressive in itself. In contrast, AoW’s core players have been playing together for a long time.

💠Starting Positions and Talents


  • Started with 35 players, and ended with 40
  • 12 Attack talents
  • 16 Defense talents
  • 7 Support talent


  • Started with 36 players, and ended with 40
  • 5 Attack talents
  • 26 Defense talents
  • 5 Support talent

💠Tower 1

AoW sent 12 players to Tower 1 while GLA sent 10 players. Let’s just take a minute to admire AoW’s perfect positioning at the tower. Every alliance should mimic AoW’s relocations. They control two sides of the tower, they are close to the tower, and every player is perfectly next to each other for fast rallies and garrisons. GLA’s is slightly worse but fairly good too.

💠Tower 4

AoW sent 11 players to Tower 4 and GLA sent 15. Two players from AoW overlapped two of GLA’s players so whoever was closest to the edge of the spawn and fastest to arrive will gain a significant advantage. AoW has gotten their relocations down to a science. They maintain the same formation as Tower 1 and it really speaks to their organization and experience. GLA’s is really good as well.

💠Central Tower

AoW sent nine players to the center while GLA sent eight. Two of GLA’s players overlapped their teammates so it’s nine versus six, giving AoW a three-person advantage. A couple of AoW’s players could be closer to the tower but it’s not a big deal since the Central Tower doesn’t open for 10 minutes.


Neither team sent any players to their respective altars.

💠Home Towers

One player from each team was stationed at their home tower. One player from GLA tried to relocate right next to AoW’s home tower. These moves never work because the relocation will just be destroyed.


💠Turning Point

As soon as AoW finished their relocations at Tower 1, they started multiple rallies. Their rallies were so much quicker than GLA’s that before GLA could even send one, AoW had already sent two or three. AoW players know exactly what their roles are. Those in the back rows garrison those in the front or join rallies. As soon as AoW zeroed an opponent in the front row, someone from AoW’s back row moved to take that spot and the teammate next to the relocation will garrison the relocation. AoW managed to slowly move their back row forces forward, capture the tower, and suffocate GLA away from Tower 1.

At Tower 4, AoW managed to block two of GLA’s relocations and destroy another one, nearly completely neutralizing the numbers advantage GLA had. All of AoW’s players immediately sent all their troops to the tower as soon as they landed. GLA was more focused on fighting and got some nice hits on AoW while they were capturing the tower. GLA was more coordinated in rallies and garrisons and held out for a bit but AoW’s reinforcements eventually overwhelmed them.

The battle at the center was unfortunately one-sided in favor of AoW. Their players were equally as focused on garrisoning and helping their teammates who were being rallied while GLA was only focused on rallying. Most of GLA ran out of prosperity first and AoW was able to surround the tower to easily capture the tower as soon as it was available.

GLA tried to rally from afar and slowly crept up to the towers to no avail. AoW was easily able to fend off every siege at their towers and the match was completely out of reach for GLA.



AoW won the match 100,000 points to GLA’s 23,400 and AoW’s TwoShape was the match MVP. Although the match was completely lopsided, AoW’s play is so methodical and nearly perfect that every alliance with any aspirations should watch and mimic how AoW plays, particularly their movements at Tower 1 in this game. GLA are not normally this bad, but AoW made them look like beginners. In my opinion, AoW is the alliance to beat this season.

How far do you think GLA can go without their core from last season? Will AoW win the championship? Let me know in the comments below!


Version 2.6.4

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