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Update- Lunaris

News & Announcements
Article Publish : 09/26/2023 05:59

New Content:

1.Paragon+ Hero: Lunaris

2.Added Lunaris Skin and Infernixia Holy Skin

3.Paragon Companion: Alluring Elf

4.Paragon Mount: Holy Python

5.Paragon+ Wings: Wings of Destruction - Ascended Sigil

6.Transmogrify: Hallow Fright

7.Outfit Augment: Flames of Annihilation

8.Ragnarok Title: Pumpkin Warrior, Genius Wizard

9.Special Insignia: Ghost Hunter, Royal Pass Insignia(obtain from Royal Pass)

Game improvements

1.Adjust and reset first recharge direct purchase pack

2.Improved attributes of Outfit Elevation and Transmogrify Elevation

> Significantly increased the attributes obtained from Outfit Elevation and Transmogrify Elevation

> Added Holy attributes to Transmogrify Elevation

3.Adjusted Super Login Reward

4.Extended the max advance level of Mount and wings to lv.100

5.Extended the max level of Equipment Devour to Lv. 125

6.Improved rewards of Hero League and Warring States

7.Displayed the number of Hero & Companions & Soul Armor & Charm Shard required for Next Level

V6.68.0 Lunaris

Update time: 2023-09-26