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Purchase and Gift shards not coming through

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Article Publish : 09/04/2023 15:26

In an earlier post, I discussed an issue with several immortal glory (IG)purchases along with Saladin shards I won in the lucky draw. It took customer service over a month to credit the lucky draw shards and to their credit, I received the IG shards the next day. Well today, I made another IG purchase. The crate was in my inventor but when I opened it, it simply disappeared and was not added to the character. I was completely livid and stomping my feet. In a fit, I was about to go through the process of contacting customer service yet again and I had to do a force stop of the app. When I reopened it, I checked again and no crate appeared However, my character did have the shards added. There must be a glitch in the app in regards to these things. Hope this helps anyone with a similar issue.