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Update - V6.66.0 Equipment Cohesion

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Article Publish : 08/28/2023 20:03
Edited by aƧli at 08/28/2023 20:05

V6.66.0 Equipment Cohesion,Back-To-School Season Celebration

Update time: 2023-8-29

New Feature

1.Equipment Cohesion

> Equipment Cohesion is available for Ragnarok equipment, improve the level of Equipment Cohesion to gain lots of BR

> When Deployed equipment cohesion reaches certain levels, Cohesion Resonance Bonuses will be unlocked

2.Outfit Elevation &Transmogrify Elevation

> Players can earn Fashion points by obtaining permanent Transmogrify, elevating outfits and Transmogrify

> Claim generous rewards when Fashion Points reach specific milestones

> Players can claim a Fashion Daily Chest once a day. Upgrade the chest level with Fashion Upgrade Points to receive even greater rewards.

> Outfit Elevation is only available for Legendary and Mythic outfits in the current version

3.Back-To-School Season Celebration

> Duration:from Sep.20 to Sep.27

> Sign-in Gifts: Total sign in for exclusive rewards

> Celebration Pass: Complete the tasks to level up the pass and obtain rich rewards

> Fevered Celebration: Complete the task to claim exclusive items

> Celebration Shop: Celebration coins can be used to exchange for exclusive materials.

New Contents

1.Paragon+ Hero:Titania

2.Added Titania Skin and Hibernus Holy Skin

3.Ragnarok+ Charm: Draco Bloodstone

4.Paragon+ Mount: Swift War Tiger- Awakened

5.Paragon Wings: Wings of Destruction

6.Paragon Soul Armor: Wisdom Timepiece

7.Outfit Augment: Golden Fire

8.New titles: Fashion Reward titles*5, Beer Dancer, Beer Fanatic

9.Ragnarok Outfit: Youth Carnival

Game improvements

1.Extended the Cumulative Pass Benefits in Anniversary event from 1000 times to 1500 times

2.Improved rewards of Ancient Tasks and Ancient Treasures

3.Added stages for Nether Aura and Steel Wings to mystic domain

4.Extended the max level of Star Chain of Artifact and Valorium heroes to 300

5.Extended the max level of Equipment Empower to 10-0

6.Improved Sign-in rewards (start from September)

7.Adjusted super login rewards

8.Added Artifact Gem Combine Scroll (Used to combine Lv. 10 gems.)

9.Added more items to wish shop

10.Improved rewards in Apex Clash League

11.Improved rewards and gaming experience of Nether Wars and Chess Hero