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[Forum Event]IK Re-created Competition: Create your imagined castle decoration!

News & Anouncements Imagined castle decoration
Article Publish : 08/09/2023 10:20
Edited by caitlyn_ling at 08/09/2023 11:08

Greetings, valiant Lords and Ladies of Norheim!

In this update, there are two castle decorations have been updated, head commander and frozen fortress. We can see the exquisite concept of the design.

One castle under the shimmering sunlight, the fountain water splashes, and the wings shimmer gold-represents the glory🏆. Some covered by a thick blanket of white snow-represents Frozen Wars❄️. 

The grant of castle decoration is based on Honor ranking, Nobility, Conquest season's result, and so on. Many kinds of cool decorations have been designed for lords. 

But now, we invited every lord to design your dream castle. 

Event Highlights:

Create by yourself: Are you dreaming of a cooler Dar Fortress? Are you dreaming of a powerful dynamic effect? You can design everything you want.

Using AI tools: We allow players who are not good at painting to use AI tools(Midjourney, Recraft, Runway ML,Bing Image Creator, stable diffusion, etc.) to design a castle. 

Event Duration: 

00:00 9th August 2023- 23:59 23rd Aug 2023

Event Rewards:

1. Participation Rewards:

Players who share their castle works will receive 1000 GT points. (Notice: Must be original work and meet the requirement. Otherwise, the award will not be issued)

2. Bonus Rewards:

We’ll select 15 works to publish to all players. Every player can vote for their preferred works. The top 5 players can receive 10000 GT points.

3. Best Creation Reward:

The official operation team will select the best work creator who will receive 15000 Gt points!

Event Rules:

1. Post your works and concepts in a new reply or new posts with the topic #Imagined castle decoration.

2. Your works and concept should be ORIGINAL.

3. Your reply should include your UID(check it through My-Home)

4. The winner list will be published and rewards will be sent to your account within 3-5 working days.

For example:

Name: Head Commander

Concept: Under the shimmering sunlight, the fountain water splashes, and the wings shimmer gold - this decoration represents glory! It is golden in color. You can see the spring water, architecture, and the main palace in the castle