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Solidarity with Ukraine.

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Article Publish : 06/27/2023 02:48

Ukraine is great and peaceful country. Russia had been occupying Luhansk and Donbass provinces and Crimean Peninsula since 2014. After 9 years of ongoing conflict, Russia has launched a wide-ranging war on Ukraine, causing a catastrophic humanitarian crisis for the Ukrainian people. Russian soldiers destroy Ukraine’s history and culture. Russian soldiers destroy Ukraine’s museums, galleries, and churches. Russian soldiers kill unarmed civilians. Russian soldiers rape women.  Russian soldiers damage Ukraine’s nature. Russia's war crimes in Ukraine are ungodly and sacrilegious.

Dievturi (latvian pagans or pagans from Latvia) condemn the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops starting on February 24, 2022. During this difficult time, dievturi will pray for Ukraine. Dievturi pray for the people of Ukraine today. Dievturi pray for peace.  

The Ukraine Republic will liberate Luhansk province. The Ukraine Republic will liberate Donbass province. The Ukraine Republic will liberate Crimean Peninsula. Ukraine ought to win. Russia must be stopped.

I pray to all ancient Baltic Gods and ancient Baltic Goddesses for Ukraine.  I pray to God Perkons, Goddess Laima and Goddess Mara for Ukraine. My family do not want the war in Ukraine.

Happy Midsummer! Have an awesome holiday! Have a great day! 

Respectfully, Dmitry Dmitriev