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Hunting Festival!

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Article Publish : 05/18/2023 10:49

No one knows when it started, but every year, with the first signs of summer in May, people wearing animal skins would emerge in the southernmost regions of the Leroy Mountains in Norheim's north. Bearing torches and riding war horses🐎, they race across the plains both day and night, hunting all manner of ferocious beasts🏹️, then setting up bonfires to roast their meat. They even seem to hold rituals of unknown purpose🔮

When the King of Edgar heard of this👑, he was very curious indeed, and managed to join them with a false identity. Later on, under his kingdom's influence, this army of hunters grew large and powerful, and more and more people began to join their annual summer hunt, which was named the 【Hunting Festival】🏹️

When the Empire of Light was established, the tradition of the Hunting Festival began to spread throughout the continent, gradually becoming an important holiday🎉. During this period, people indulge in revelry, hunt wild beasts, and enjoy delicious food and wine to wash away the fatigue of the spring's ploughing season🤩

What's your favorite part of the Hunting Festival? Let Lucasta know!🥰

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