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Article Publish : 04/21/2023 11:02
Edited by cocolee at 04/21/2023 16:03


Happy 6.5 Anniversary!

You can find these packs in the GTA app from now to the end of Apr.30th.

$0.99 to get Voucher*2, Diamond Lucky Bag*3. (Once only)

$4.99 to get Voucher*10, Diamond Lucky Bag*15.(Five times only)

$9.99 to get Voucher*11, Diamond Lucky Bag*30.(30 times a day)

$19.99 to get Voucher*22, Diamond Lucky Bag*60.(30 times a day)

$29.99 to get Voucher*33, Diamond Lucky Bag*90.(30 times a day)

$39.99 to get Voucher*44, Diamond Lucky Bag*120.(30 times a day)

$49.99 to get Voucher*60, Diamond Lucky Bag*150.(30 times a day)

$99.99 to get Voucher*120, Diamond Lucky Bag*300.(30 times a day)

Voucher: 100 diamonds will be recharged after use. Multiple vouchers can activate different levels of recharge.

Diamond Lucky Bag: Open to randomly obtain one of the following items: Diamond x5; Diamond x10; Diamond x15; Diamond x20.