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Article Publish : 03/23/2023 08:50

Recently I have had a lot of battles with the Player Supsik (screen shot 1) he has the hero Gilding Wolf and I noticed the agility on my 2 fastest hero's looked too high considering the wolfs battle skill.

I bought the hero with my PST toon 'Spamm' to test and low and behold it is still broken, The base hero and 2 evo's the devs have released and taken peoples money in CST for a bust hero and proves I am right, they do not give a damn about the integrity of the game or effectively stealing loyal rechargers money from players like Supsik.

I know mods seem to think the developers are beyond reproach but the last time I checked, 50% reduction yields a greater deficit than 40%, yet here we see a 50% higher opponent agility when Gilding Wolf is deployed in the party.

Screen Shot 1: Supsik with Gilding Wolf.

Screen shot 2: Party including Gilding Wolf (50% AGI reduction) results in a agility starting value of 189,474,129 for my fastest hero IA

Screen shot 3: Party including Flaming Warlord (40% AGI reduction) results in a agility starting value of 113,684,477 for my fastest hero IA

Screen shot 4: Demonic Warden battle skill reduces all enemies agility by 40%

Screen shot 5: Gilding Wolf battle skill reduces the 2 fastest enemies agility by 50%