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•‏Jumping from server to server• Space Portal

Article Publish : 03/18/2023 23:14
Edited by ikdollar at 03/18/2023 23:30

‏Hello everyone with you, the The PRESS OFFICER DOLLAR

‏I'll talk about A way

‏specialized in jumping, and he has our way.

What is Jumper (Jamber):

This is a trick for players to get a big advantage at the beginning of a new server, which is by keeping your castle in LVL 8 (not up to 9). And continue to collect resources and speeds and develop group and dragons. And after a certain period (maximum 3 months currently after the third season update). You can move to a new server once it opens (after 4 to 6 days maximum). When moving, you should use resources and speeds immediately to get ahead of all other players. From here you can become the king of the server, especially if you were a former whale before moving.

Method and requirements (free of charge):

To have a space portal (beginner). It is the only portal that works for Jamber, you can’t use any other portal (the normal gate moves to a server that is more than 3 months old).

Method and requirements ($):

First, through daily deals, you have to buy from them, how do you go to them?

Then you go to

Then looking for a deal


Journey of the

New World


The other free method, but it has one condition, which is that you must join a level 9 alliance to get it.

You should get 20,000 work for the Alliance Technology Donation.

As for the other way to get space portal

How much should you get to go from server

to server?

It depends on the strength of your troops

I know, I've killed you

I hope you like the explanation. And if you have any suggestions or opinions, share the comments with us.