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Article Publish : 01/16/2023 11:38

Dear warriors,

In order to bring you a better and fairer game environment, we have decided to deal with inappropriate behavior in the game from time to time.

The range of misconduct includes but is not limited to:

1. Using game bugs to maliciously obtain a large amount of resources

2. Frequent spam on chat channels

3. Abusing other players on the chat channel

We know that the progress of Time Raiders is inseparable from everyone's help, and we hope that all players can give feedback on inappropriate behavior in the game. If you find the above behavior, please report to us through the in-game customer service function.

🥰For the warriors who successfully guard the Time Raiders game environment with us, we will reward them with a "Guard Time Raiders Gift".

🔹For players who report individual misconduct, we will reward gold diamonds*2000 and fame*500. If more than one person reports the same player's inappropriate behavior at the same time, rewards will be issued to the top 5 players in the order of the feedback time.

🔹For players who report serious misconduct, we will reward the first player with Illumination Gem*1, gold diamond*5000, fame*2000, and Fengshui Treasures*1. If more than one person reports the same serious misconduct at the same time, rewards for individual misconduct feedback will be issued to the 2nd to 5th players in the order of feedback time.