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he one-year anniversary Youthful Memories event has begun!

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Article Publish : 11/21/2022 11:49

😍The one-year anniversary Youthful Memories event has begun! Peace or war? Allies or enemies? In the past year, you’ve probably experienced all of these in the world of Dynasty Origins: Conquest.

⏳Event Time: Nov 18 - Nov 21

📒Event Content:

During the event, comment something you’ve wanted to tell other players in the past year, share your favorite alliance story, or write some well wishes to your alliance and other players. Don’t forget to include your server and account ID! We will randomly pick 20 lucky players from the comments to send an exclusive digital collection Avatar Frame as well as 1288 Ingots to! (The Avatar Frame is only available for a limited time!)

With our one-year anniversary closing in, we’ve been preparing tons of surprises and gifts for you all. Stay tuned to our Facebook so you don’t miss out!