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Abyss Trial Suggest.

Article Publish : 09/29/2022 17:45

Instead of Hero Trial, what about Abyss Trial? 100 floors for each one, one for each day of thee week, with massive rewards.

Normal abyss should level up the difficulty up to 10 levels. Every time you defeat all 100 floors in each level you increase the difficulty and start again at floor 1, that is harder than the previous 100th floor , and increase rewards instead of the Dark Abyss's existence.

The game needs more challenges, it is very boring for new players in level 30. Abyss is the only stuff that we can enjoy playing. X-server War it is not fun anymore, every day the same thing being carried by a level 100+ player that can plays solo and still win.

Players that do not have enough time to play the game choose to be in low levels, since there are not many stuffs to do and timed events.

I really like the game, but it can be so much better, I have a lot of suggestions for the game that players will surely love it.

Battle of Gods, Emperor ranking system, Surroundings Hunt, Guild challenges, Break levels limitations, Different upgrade system... Tell your team about the Abyss Trial suggestion, if they enjoy it or not, I have more others good ideas that could make the game funnier and enjoyable.

~LadyArtemis S.2069