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Brain burning Game - Who stole the cash?

Article Publish : 09/26/2022 14:44

Hello Gtarcade Community!

This week's short story is back as promised.

The first person who completely deduces all the clues will get 2000 points.

10 players who deduce some of the clues will be rewarded with 500 points.

All players who vote to guess correctly will receive 200 points.

Let's burn our brains together!


100,000 cash was stolen from a factory office safe. In the office, glass fragments were all over the floor, and the thief appeared to have broken the window glass, opened the window and jumped in from outside to commit the crime.

The factory manager said, "At 5:30 p.m., all the workers were off duty, only housekeeping would leave half an hour later because they needed to clean the office, but they would all be gone by 6:00 p.m."

The man on duty that night told police: "At midnight at zero o'clock, I got up to patrol and saw that the windows were locked properly, the curtains were drawn, and there was no sign of theft. I think the thief probably committed the crime after midnight. The policeman asked, "Did you hear the sound of breaking glass?" The man on duty said, "The factory is next to the railroad, so maybe the sound of the train drowned out the sound of breaking glass."