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To many events, makes more lag

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Article Publish : 09/23/2022 03:46

Why does this app not have anything yet can spend coin on for GoT... I do not and will not play any of these other games. Also why have you not ashamed the app to control the game more? You've built the easy quick collect and send dragon control panel but you don't put it here so we can do these things while away from the pc... Just keep giving us too many events at the same time. You all out opinions and then ignore us when we tell you 5 events at the same time is entirely to much... So you add a 30 day event. And still over load is and the servers.. AoW is terrible with lag... Everytime there are more than 4 armies in the same place some disappear and you can not target what is not visible... You reset the kills but not rewards. So now I had to kill a total of 30m to get a reward I was 1m away from... Do you even care. I think you do not. As long as your cash cow players keep spending