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All Out War - [ChR] Chroniclers - K362 - Violetta goes on the rampage (maybe)

Wars & Stories in Westeros All-out War
Article Publish : 09/22/2022 22:07

Here we are back again in All Out War.  Our kingdom K362 has only been active for a few weeks and does not have a lot of players still but we are determined to give the event a go with what we have and see what we can do!

So the first couple of days we have been gathering wheat from the fields just outside the city but to move forward with the event and to reach the next event goal we need to take another city.  This will also give us access to different materials.

We need the different materials to make bigger resource wagons, medic vehicles and eventually chariots , if we ever get as far as making chariots!

Chariots look exciting though!!!!!!

There is an industrial city to the west of us on the map so we are going to go over there and see if we can take it, then we will have access to the new materials.

So to take the city we need to enter it and claim it, all we have to do is breach the gate which is guarded by the two archers towers either side of it.

The archer towers are going to be tricky. We cannot get too close to them with infantry, cavalry or spear because we are not so strong and that means our troops will get killed almost instantly.

For us the best tactic here is to use bows, so we make our three marches up for bows only and place ourselves to the right of the eastern archer tower.

We are only a few so it is going to take a while to get these towers down before we can tackle the City Gate.

There is also a timer to consider, you have one hour to take the city over. If you cannot do it in that time you have to start all over again.

First time we do not even get the one archer tower down. We need more people on this so a message goes out to the alliance and a few more people turn up.  Time for another attempt.

This is going much better, we are out of range of the towers, doing some nice damage and not taking damage ourselves.

The right hand archer tower is down and burning time to move onto the left hand side one.  A couple of more team members have arrived so we decide to split forces and some target the left hand archer tower and some target the City Gate.

The second archer tower is down and the City Gate has a third health to go.

We did it!! Our small but mighty force has broken down the city defences.

Now we are all gathered round the Municipal Center.

As we are so few we found it better to stay out of the circle and continue using our bows to attack the Municipal Center.

Almost there!  

The Municipal Center starts to burn.   We gather round inside the circle now next to the building.

Aaargh the bar is moving so slowly and we only have a few minutes left. Are we going to do it in time?

And the answer to that question is NO, we ran out of time!!

Great fun though we just need more people to come join us in the event!!!! 

So back to gathering it is then!