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Undying Flower's "Eternal Mirror" needs a buff

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Article Publish : 09/17/2022 17:13
Edited by amaterasu* at 09/18/2022 23:33

This is just a suggestion. A tiny buff would make this arma useful before the 3-0 empower (something the f2p can't get). Otherwise, it's a bench-warmer.

Talking about the 65 rage special skill. Over-heal turning into a shield and death protection is nice but the heroes already provide that.

  • It can't be a stun/taunt/silence because the skill heals not attacks

Here are some:

  • Increasing DMG dealt by %; or gain % damage reduction
  • Converts % of the damage taken to HP
  • Reflect % of the damage taken
  • Restoring rage 
  • Control immunity
  • DMG immunity
  • ATK/HP/DEF increase (one of these. you choose)
  • Returns HP each round (to all or just self and the weakest hero. you choose)

You don't have to make the changes overpowered. That's why there's the quality assurance team to test things out before releasing to public. 

With all these nerfs here and there, I would love to see a buff for once.

As a Ragnarok arma, Undying Flower deserves better. Right now, The First Light outshines it.