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Article Publish : 09/13/2022 18:16

It’s time for mail carrier Lucasta to do her job!😌 Do you have anything you want to say to the developers?💬 For example, if there’s a specific event you like, any suggestions or even complaints!☺️ Lucasta will take everyone’s letters and read them out to the developers!🎤 After they select some to reply to, Lucasta will quickly fly back with their replies.💌 Lucasta will give you an example! “😉Hello developers, it’s really hard to obtain Dragon Crystals for my wind dragon friend!😔 It always tells me that it’ll definitely be stronger once it’s grown up.🌳 Could you please add more ways to obtain Wind Dragon Crystals into the game?🍃” Lucasta’s formulated her letter, now it’s your turn!🥰

#devletter #infinitykingdom