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[All-Out War Video Guide] [Updated]Video Guides You Will Need!

News & Announcements All-out War
Article Publish : 09/06/2022 20:29
Edited by handoftheking at 09/19/2022 12:24

Greetings Lords and Ladies!

All-Out War is about to kick off! In order to get better prepared for this new and complicated cross-server RTS battlefield, our lovely chroniclers have made different kinds of video guides based on their experience on the Pioneer Server. Hope the videos may help you better understand the gameplay before entering the battlefield.

You can also check out the "Chronicler" panel for more guides and news by clicking the "Guide Collection" icon on the left of the game interface.

*Please note that the video guides are based on the chroniclers' experiences on the Pioneer Server (and Public Server). Final updates will be determined on the Public Server.

Here are the video lists[multi-languages] :

[ENGLISH Updated] - based on Public Server:

1.Chronicles of K0S GoTWiC - All-Out War Changes: GoTWiC:

2.helA Official - The fastest way to complete your Daily Missions - The All-Out War Event -GOTWIC:

3.Mirela - GoTWiC | All-Out War | Basic Guide |:

4.Omni - Short guide on what to do in the start of AllOutWar:

[English] based on Pioneer Server

1.DathorN - GoTWiC | All Out War | Rules, Rewards, Gameplay:

2.Grombold - Testing the ALL OUT WAR! | Game of Thrones:

3.Hadzy - Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming - SNEAK PEAK INTO PIONEER - NEW AoW REWARDS ARE AMAZING?:

4.1Kenty - GOTWIC: All out War - Pioneer gameplay:

4.2Kenty - GOTWIC: All out War - Pioneer gameplay - Part 2:

5.KOKARDO I - All-out War:

6.1Majky - GoT:WiC: Pioneer Server - All Out War:

6.2Majky - GoT:WiC: Pioneer server - AOW - Free elimination points:

7.Mirela - All-Out War | Pioneer version | TRAILER:

8.1System Bandit - GoTWiC All Out War, how to gain contribution points:

8.2System Bandit - GoTWiC All Out War, All New Vehicle System:

9.1The Apache Chronicles - GOTWIC: New Upcoming Event - All-Out War [Introduction and Basics]:

9.2The Apache Chronicles - GOTWIC: New Upcoming Event - All-Out War Part 2 [Faction Quests: Producing Chariots]:

10.1 Wolfys GOTWIC - All Out War Sneak Peak on the new event from Game of Thrones Winter is Coming(pionneer test):

10.2 Wolfys GOTWIC - All Out War - Sneak PeaK - part 2 Buildings and more:

[GERMAN]--based on Pioneer Server

Pinky GotWic - All Out War Das neue Event Gotwic Deutsch:

[PORTUGUESE]--based on Pioneer Server

Lowis Faceless - All out WAR pionner game testing:

[SPANISH]--based on Pioneer Server

Vanette Games - GOTWIC - Pioner News - All Out War - Reglamentos y Recompensas:

Vanette Games - GOTWIC - Pioner News - All Out War - Dinámica y Misiones de Contribución: