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Gemini Cain's new skin Binary Star!

Article Publish : 07/30/2021 21:00
Edited by cocolee at 07/30/2021 11:23

Dear Saint:

Share this post and get a reward! When this post reaches 2,000 shares, all players will get 【Skin Voucher Chest*5+Skin Activation Stone*1+Dual-Attribute Cosmo Surprise Box*1】 in-game!

Gemini Cain's new skin Binary Star is here! Are you excited? Share the news with your friends and get rewards!

【Event Time】

July 30 - August 4. All players will receive the reward when the post reaches 2,000 shares. Rewards will be delivered in-game within 5 working days.

Click the link below to download and play Saint Seiya with your friends!