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I want this game to process into the future do you?

Article Publish : 08/19/2022 06:35

My opinion and where I’d like to see the game go

- Mobile phone game play.

- App to enable truce bubbles on other players castles

- automatic truce bubbles enabled that can be enabled or disabled.

- special events that include blue diamonds, black diamonds and gold, to buy the actual ticket/arrow to play to have unlimited amount required to buy. Not a small amount.

- Small castle within kingdoms to be open and catchable for special rewards like weapons or troops armors outside of kvk.

- more on map plots, need to kill monsters nightwalks zombies for rewards to get offhand weapons or Random photos.

-enable to catpture other castles as your own. (Other castles must be non active for months and is burning with basically everything damaged where fixing is required. Hospital Troops are to be healed as at extra time. Lords are converted for awakening. Depending on lvl within castles percentage goes track to main castle.

-create more in alliance activities