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Article Publish : 08/15/2022 15:38

Hello Gtarcade Community!

In the future update plan, we consider whether to change the APP home page style.

As you can see in the picture:

1.We plan to eliminate the original home page, so that players can open the app and go directly to the community of their favorite games without seeing extra information not related to their games.

2.Replaced the four buttons at the bottom of the page, and highlighted the benefits page that everyone cares about most.

We are always looking for feedback from our community, and regularly incorporate community feedback into our future development plans.Your preferences and choices are important to us.

So vote for the style you like better!

At the same time, if you have better opinions on the home page, you can tell me in the comment section, if your opinion is adopted, you will get 5000 points as a reward, and I will randomly select 10 players who give their opinion in the comment section to give 1000 points.