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Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 08/13/2022 03:30

Jabber had a slow kvk. There wasn't a hole lot going on after the first few hours. Jabber was able to capture a 1.5 billion player's commander because he thought he could hold King's Landing using only 1 troop type. Jabber taught him he couldn't and the whale tried again but this time changed to another troop type. Jabber countered this as well and captured his commander this time. This was the last of the resistance Jabber experienced in KvK. It got so boring for Jabber that at the end of it Jabber attacked his own server and destroyed many troops. It was ok because the victory was assured and it was no loss kvk.

After the KvK Jabber was hungry for battle and found an appropriate server for his attention. Jabber saw several targets unbubbled on K78 and ported there. Jabber scouted and jumped away to observer what the enemy would do after being scouted. Jabber didn't see any movement or indications that the adversary even noticed. Jabber captured a prisoner for the buff and came back to the hive to start eating up enemy troops.

The first target was a modest sized enemy who had nearly three million troops and a respectable number of T4 troops. Jabber doesn't waste much time healing or rebuilding. Jabber sends his second attack against MsW Perry MRW.

The last attack is very sweet because Jabber lost only a few amount of T3 troops. Jabber still loves his Army Reinforce dragon skill.

Jabber's next target is a horse of a different color. This player has nearly 4.5 million troops with about 2.5 million T4 troops. This player also seems to have gone to sleep in battle gear. He seems to be a one troop type player. Jabber believes he can counter the enemy defense to lower Jabber's losses.

Jabber has a decent first attack. Jabber loses T3 and T4 troops on this first attack but the enemy front line is now broken. Jabber hates losing T4 troops while attacking offline players but sometimes it is something that has to be done in order to break that front line defense.

Jabber lost a lot of T3 troops in the second attack. Jabber even lost a few T4 troops. This is noob type losses that Jabber should be better than at this point. Jabber didn't adjust the army he sent to the fight because he figured the second line troop was weak enough to not put up much of a fight. But that second line countered Jabber's army and it causes Jabber to suffer some losses. Stupid Jabber

The final attack Jabber changes his setup to his main battle formation and wipes out the remaining troops that were not saved by reroute.

The battles were a bit of fun but the fun didn't last long. Jabber didn't realize that the server he hit was already being raided by a group from another alliance. Jabber doesn't like getting involved in someone else's raid. Jabber suffered some heavy losses and was running low on stock resources. Now Jabber's Hall of Faces bonus is also gone. Jabber decides to port to his home server in order to regroup, heal up, retrain and get bonuses for future fights.