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rPLinvasion - Quiet, perhaps too much

Wars & Stories in Westeros Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 08/12/2022 21:26

Between the heat, the holidays, and the tiredness, yes I ended up being had in my turn during our war against rPL. Luckily WWW took care of it, I'm sad for my lost soldiers, but at least my resources won't have been lost to everyone.

I'm not mad, it was my fault, I'm only human, it happens :3

An extremely calm week despite this. even our crystal mines are no longer under attack.

I didn't watch the world chat too much, but I didn't get any very active feedback...

That being so, the KvK without losses was lost, in joy and good humor; I was even supported by Arczi DE from rPL to my great surprise; unfortunately, I wanted to send him a thank you, but I think he must have blocked me… so if you pass by here, thank you for your support!

Regarding the war of the great castles, we play tennis with it. One shot we win, one shot we lose, nothing thrilling in short.

I'm more concerned about the Siege of Winterfell though, which WtS has lost 4 out of 5 times right now, robbing us of season rewards.

In 2 days we will also see the glorious battle, now shorter, but all the more intense. I was lucky to be in the winning faction last time, we'll see if our kingdom still has that chance.

And I leave you already with very little information. I have soldiers to recruit to resume the war actively!

Apprentice Chronicler Ikysey