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bug with clifford prizes

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Article Publish : 08/09/2022 02:26

Hi . Hope you are doing great . I am Having an issue with Clifford Tree Value ll . I have been recharging 5 to 7 august to collect the homeland’s équipement but It seems like the computer forget to had a day for the next collection.

It’s says 2/4 instead of 3/4

And like you can see in the picture below we are august 7th and I collected already august 5th 6th and 7th

My issue when I will recharge tomorrow which will be august 8th , it might say 3/4 and I won’t be able to collect it fixt it.

NOTE : I texted ON LOA PAGE and they ask me today to post it on forum. AND Today i recharge we are 8th August, i couldnt collect anything.

Sever : Laomedea (s325)

user name : mackenley

platforme : GTarcade